Mark Drury Takes Down a 176 7/8″ on Oct. 5th

Mark explains a few reasons why he was able to harvest this mature whitetail during the early season. Keep in mind Mark is notorious for taking down trophies around the first week in November, what many might call a magic week. Check it out here and be sure to watch the video.

A few of the reasons Mark sights for having success are:

  • Green field food source
  • Daylight trail camera pictures (many pros are stressing the importance of chasing bucks that move during daylight hours)
  • A early season cold front
  • Creating food plots near bedding areas
  • Patience in the stand (sometimes mature deer cover ground very slowly)

Keeping these tactics in mind when chasing early season giants will only lead to additional success. Early season kills of mature deer are possible, but it takes planning and diligent efforts. To take this deer down the Drury team actually created a new food plot near this bucks bedding area. Mature bucks tend to have a shrinking territory. Creating a food plot in that shrinking territory aided greatly in making this kill happen. Mark scored this 5 1/2 year old early season giant in Iowa. A playground for mature whitetails. Well done Mark, yet another amazing buck to your resume!


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