October Lull Strikes: Patience Often the Key

Bowhunting.com aired their Friday episode of Bow Hunt or Die. No bucks were taken.

On Monday Midwest Whitetail aired their most recent episode. No bucks were taken there as well.

The important takeaway from this is that the October Lull is real. Bucks are very difficult to kill if they are not patterned and taken during the early part of the season. Bucks are killable during the October Lull, but it typically takes advanced tactics to be successful on a regular basis during the October Lull. Bill Winke explained in his episode on Midwest Whitetail that, “if things have been slow for you, you’re not alone.” He further went on to emphasize the impacts of EHD from last year, and also the warm weather as reasons for a slow mid October.

Mark Drury remains the only one on the Drury Team to have a big buck down in October according to their online hunting journal.

Admitting that the October Lull is real is the first step. The 2nd step is to employ advanced tactics to hunt mature bucks that are moving at last light. Preferably hunting near their bedding areas. Or better yet, back out and remain patient for the impending pre-rut. October 22nd-25th is a period that many big bucks just start to get more active. There is no shame in waiting until this period to hit the woods hard. Hunting excessively during the lull only educates bucks of a hunters whereabouts. Be cautious and try to hunt peripheral stands on your property or better yet hunt different farms or hunting grounds where you’re less likely to spend time targeting big bucks during the pre-rut.

It is important to note that hunting grounds that receive little to no hunting pressure may be great all of October, the more pressure an area receives the more likely the mature bucks will be moving at last light. It’s not unheard of for unpressured hunting grounds to be productive at any point in the season. This is the incredible value of having multiple spots to hunt and persue mature bucks.

The good news is that things are already improving, and will only improve further during the weekend of the 18th-20th. Following the 20th things should begin to greatly improve the woods. The weather on the horizon looks promising as well. Be ready the best opportunity to kill a mature buck is just around the corner.


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