Bill Winke Gets It Done

Bill Winke is an impressive hunter. He has a demeanor that I’ve come to respect. He does his homework with trail cameras and waits for the correct opportunities to move in on deer. Winke was waiting to hunt this buck until the right wind came through and it just so happened to be the same night a cold front moved through. Winke is notorious for preaching that it is incredibly difficult to kill deer that never provide day time trail camera photos. Winke had daylight photos of this buck and he did not waste time capitalizing when the time was right.

View a quick look at the hunt here. The full hunt will air Monday on Midwest Whitetail.

Successful buck hunters to the right thing at the right time and it pays off year after year. Winke is a great example of that.

If you cannot hunt today as this cold front pushed through much of the Midwest you’ll want to be sure to hit the woods this weekend when it cools down even more. Bucks will begin to fall at an increasing rate in these coming days.


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