Growing Deer TV: Double Double

Not long ago I posted about a double kill from Midwest Whitetail. Well I’m calling this one the double double. Growing Deer TV produced a double doe kill and a double buck kill. This is quite the hunt. I’ve truly never seen anything like this in one episode. View the hunt here.

A few takeaway’s from these hunts:

  • Early season doe management is a practice that many hunters follow. This time of season or the late season are common periods for hunters to capitalize on doe management. Keeping doe to buck ratio in check is an important part of deer management in your local hunting area or anywhere you hunt.
  • Killing two bucks is such a rare feat. In this case the hunter being filmed and the camera man were each able to take a deer. In states that allow hunters to take multiple bucks I’d rarely encourage a hunter to take two bucks in one sitting as that could kill your entire season, but in this case each hunter was able to fill a tag. What a hunt, and it’s hard to believe this is the second double kill I’ve seen on film in this early part of the season.




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