Pre-Rut…It’s So Close

The end of October along with these cold fronts marks the beginning of the best hunting of the year. The pre-rut, when it officially takes off will be action packed and full of excitement. Some claim Oct. 25th as the magical day. Halloween is a safe bet for when the pre-rut should certainly be alive and well. Keeps these days in mind as you consider hunting hard now and into early November. These few weeks will be some of the best and most exciting hunting all year. Bucks will be on the move during daylight hours. That may be preoccupied with does and difficult to get into range, but the good news is they’ll be moving. Employing the use of calls and decoys can be effective as soon as the pre-rut takes off. Be wise to use these tactics in moderation. Setting up between bedding areas can be great hunting for cruising bucks this time of year.

Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt posted this article regarding some of his shooter bucks moving on one of his farms: Big Bucks on the Move

In our area we’ve seen a few decent bucks on the move during last light. One particular buck was trashing bushes and making his presence known. A few decent bucks have also popped up moving in the morning between 8:30 and 9:40 AM. I say all of this to clearly point out that opportunities at shooter bucks are starting to present themselves. Mark Drury and Bill Winke are notorious for talking about the importance of hunting bucks that move during daylight hours. It’s incredibly difficult to kill bucks that primarily or exclusively move during the night. The only way to take those sort of bucks is to hunt buck bedding areas themselves. That advanced tactic is something that few try and successfully pull off.

Get ready to start hunting the hardest you’ll hunt all year. It is about that time!


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