The Unorthodox Approach Leads to a Monster Buck

When the president of Hoyt Archery stood motionless on a 3 foot elevated platform for hours I can’t imagine what was going through his head. Nevertheless he friend had spotted a monster and suggested this wild spot to tag this incredible trophy. Randy Walk (Hoyt’s President) took to this task like a champ, standing for hours on a stand that seemed to be far from an ideal set-up. Nevertheless he got the job done in the end. The hunt was truly a wild one and sometimes it appears as if you are destined to take a trophy. Why did this buck not follow the doe’s trail? Why did it press on toward Randy? We’ll never know, but Randy is forever grateful this incredible trophy made a mistake that cost him his life. Now it remains frozen in time on Randy’s wall for many to admire.

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A few lessons to take away:

  • Unorthodox approaches will often be necessary to take legendary bucks
  • Sometimes it is necessary to take risks in hunting, with risks great rewards can be reaped
  • Patience is the key, this was a long hunt in poor conditions, but eventually it produced a buck most of us will never see in our lifetime

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