Military Edition of Bow Hunt of Die

On a rather exciting hunt one of the pro-staff members of takes out his brother-in-law. His brother in law serves in the military and rarely gets a chance to hunt. In this instance sacrifice is shown by the pro-staff member jumping behind the camera for a few weeks to get his brother in law a deer. The hunt is rather exciting and has great results. View the hunt on —— to see this awesome hunt!

A few take aways from this exciting hunt:

  • Hunt scrapes in late October and early November
  • Passing on a smaller buck can lead to a larger buck
  • Sacrifice…hunting is not all about you, share this great sport with others and sacrifice for their sake

Be sure to hit the woods hard this weekend and throughout these first two weeks of November. This is undoubtably the best time of year to see mature bucks on their feet.

Bow Hunt or Die!



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