The Bucks Will Fall…But Will You Take One of Them?

Lot’s of talk goes around about this being the best week of hunting. This period is without a doubt a promising period. Recently two local mature bucks bit the dust on November 4th. That evening on the way home from visiting a friend who shot one of the bucks I saw a shooter buck on the south side of our swamp crossing the road. November 4th was a day filled with activity. The next morning (November 5th) I received a picture of this giant buck that was hit by a car. It’s on, it’s that time, mature bucks are on their feet. CarBuck

Bill Winke and Mark Drury speak of the switch to the morning hunts this time of year to catch cruising bucks. Winke explains the value of pressing into bedding areas under the right conditions this time of year. Drury himself will get back into the thick stuff this time of year. In fact Winke has stressed a few times recently that November 3rd through the 10th is his favorite time of year. November 7th is his favorite day of the year.

I’ve had some friends and acquaintances tell me that Halloween, November 5th, and November 10th are their favorite days of the year. The bottom line is serious hunters know that Halloween through November 14th are periods of incredible action. Rutting action will follow these periods and the hunting will still be good throughout most of November, but there is something magical about Halloween through November 14th. This time of year is a special period for bowhunters.

Some strategies include all day sits to catch cruising bucks. This can be a very effective method as bucks will be on the move throughout the day. As mentioned above long morning sits can also be effective, especially when deep into a whitetails preferred save haven or bedding area. The safer the area, the more likely a hunter is to see movement all day long. Fields or grassy areas can also be other locations to witness bucks chasing, the question will be can you lure a buck into range. Calling, rattling, and even decoying can be effective methods during this period.

The bottom line is that it is time to hunt and to hunt hard. New bucks will be cruising through your hunting areas and surely the local bucks in your area will be on the move as well. Bucks are covering alot of ground during these periods, so be patient they may not show up time and time again. The patient and the one willing to put in hours can be rewarded at any time!

I refuse to promise you a buck using any of these tactics. You may or may not be successful, that is the joy of the hunt. You never know if or when it will be your lucky day. Hard work and dedication often result in rewards, however, hunting will also frustrate even the best hunters. This is a sport that requires sacrifice. Simply put in your time and the God Lord may bless you or you may have to wait until next season.

Regardless of what comes your way keep pressing on. I have not seen a shooter buck since October 20th. It’s been some time and I getting frustrated, but it’s far from time to stop. It’s now time to hunt harder then ever. Wired to Hunt recently posted —an article— about this exact idea. Keep hunting even when things are tough.

If I had to attribute any one thing to my lack of success it would be overhunting. I have played the wind and the cold fronts rather flawlessly this year, but in recent days we have put serious pressure on our swamp. One thing I’ll always envy of Mark Drury is when he hunts a stand for the first time in a year on November 7th. This is without a doubt the best method for success. Do not pressure your best areas and move in during this time frame when the big bucks are on their feet. It often rewards the hunter.

Well…get out there. Stop reading it’s time to hunt.


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