Yes Decoys Work

Midwest Whitetails weekly main show almost always produces decent buck activity. This week was no exception. This is a great decoy hunt on Bill Winke’s favorite hunting day of the year: November 7th. Congrats to Scott Purcha on a great bow kill. Check out the hunt here on —Midwest Whitetail–.

A hunt such as this shows the value in trying different methods of hunting. A decoy can be a great option when hunting an open area. This hunt also displays the use of a grunt and snort wheeze call. While they prove ineffective in this particular hunt, there are many times the snort wheeze can get the attention of the biggest bucks in your local area.

Continue to try different tactics throughout the rut, these tactics can include:

  • Grunts, Snort-Wheeze, Estrus Bleats, Rattling
  • Decoys with the Use of Scents
  • Doe in Estrus Scent Drags

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