Ohio Brutes…Brain Madison Found His

Ohio is one of those states that continues to produce trophy bucks. The one buck per year rule is certainly something that allows bucks in Ohio to reach maturity. Those regulations along with other factors make Ohio one of the premiere locations to tag a trophy whitetail deer.

Brain Madison made the trek to Ohio Trophy Buck Outfitters with the intent of harvesting one of these giants. After a few hunts this season in late October he knew he’d have some great opportunities. Brian moved his stand after observing buck movements during previous hunts. The stand movement paid dividends, watch this episode of Deer Hunter Fan to see all of the action unfold.

Keys to this hunt:

  • Untouched location – Brian had the privilege of hunting a location with little to no pressure prior to his arrival
  • Observations – after seeing the activity Brian moved into the right location
  • Entry and Exit trails – sneaking into the stand is something Brian did very well and he also snuck out well after a shot he was not thrilled with
  • Waiting Overnight – sometimes this is the wisest approach when pursuing a wounded animal

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