The Battle with Public Land

Midwest Whitetail continues to deliver amazing hunts. This hunt reveals both the struggle with and the possibilities of public land. Hunting public land takes effort, often lots of it. The bonus in hunting public land is that the possibilities can often be endless for those who are willing to put in the scouting work. If public land is not to far from where you typically hunt it is at least worth glossing it over to see if potential is there.

Check out this episode of —Midwest Whitetail— for a look at how and when to hunt public land.

A few takeaways:

  • Public land is worth scouting, but the scouting should be done as early as possible
  • Public land hunts are going to be more work than the majority of private land areas
  • There are great bucks on public land: finding and harvesting them is the battle
  • The reward of a public land buck is almost better than a private land kill, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to be successful in this arena

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