A Mature Buck Falls on Growing Deer TV

Growing deer TV is top notch. The films continually delivered by their team are high quality. Dr. Grant Woods has a rather awesome hunt in the first part of this episode, but Cable gets it done in Southern Indiana. Cable and his son brushed in a pop-up tent with cedar branches. This blind is a great example of how to brush in a blind. Cable not only harvests a mature buck in this episode, but he also does some management of does and coyotes as well. Check out this action packed episode of —GrowingDeerTV–.

Cable points on something very important in this episode as he touches on the difficult nature of taking mature deer and how it doesn’t happen every year. This is a lesson many of us ought to keep in mind as we pursue these elusive animals.

Regardless of how your season is going keep pursuing trophy deer. At any moment everything can change. This is the thrill of hunting.


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