Truly Memorable Hunting Experiences

Jared Mills of Midwest Whitetail hunted hard throughout the best days of the hunting season. His hunting experiences with nothing short of incredible. Throughout his two week stand he had encounters that many of us would only dream of. The highlight had to be watching two decent bucks fight not far from him. This episode of Midwest Whitetail is littered with incredible encounters and good tactics that Jared employs to finally land his hard earned buck. Check out this —episode— as soon as you have time.

There are countless takeaways from this episode, but I’ll share a few that stood out the most:

  • Hunting hard is often critical to landed a mature whitetail with a bow
  • Hunting smart is equally important, Jared was constantly adjusting to the deer movement he was seeing
  • Jared took the decoy approach and was rewarded seeing numerous bucks on that hunt
  • Jared took his vacation days at the perfect time of year and used them to his advantage
  • Self filming is incredibly difficult and Jared finally got it done the very last day, to make this all happen Jared moved a stand into position in the middle of the night

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