Taking a Trophy Buck will Often be an Arduous Journey

Hunting for trophy deer is a challenge pure and simple. It doesn’t often come easy. It is a mental grind, a constant battle, but it is something that trophy deer hunters sign up for. For most hunters a few realities start to stack up against them:

  1. You’ve hunted the same spots to hard and mature bucks have caught on to your antics
  2. The area you’re hunting does not possess many if any mature trophy deer that you are looking for
  3. The mature bucks simply aren’t moving during shooting hours
  4. You’ve made mistakes in the stand alerting deer or you’ve gotten winded by deer
  5. You simply do not have enough different hunting spots to produce quality chances at trophy deer

These facts along with other realities affect the outcome of a trophy deer hunters season. Simply put this is part of the game of hunting. Yet for some hunters the switch flips and a little hard work finally pays off. This is what happened for Josh Hillyard of the Wired to Hunt Pro Staff. He arrows a fantastic Ohio trophy throughout the Rut marathon that he and Mark Kenyon embarked on. For Mark the arduous journey continues. Check out Josh’s incredible hunt here.

Josh’s story is the story many of us desire, but Mark’s story is the reality many trophy hunters experience. There are many lows and some entire seasons may not result in a trophy buck on the ground. This is the harsh reality of hunting. It’s not encouraging to think this way, but it is a vivid fact this sport can deliver in your lap.

In the end it is important to keep your focus as everything could change at any moment when a trophy buck crosses your path. Your story could turn into Josh’s story at any point. For proof look at this buck my father in law arrowed on the 31st of December, 2012. I don’t think any of us ever expected he’d take a deer of this caliber at this point of the season with only 2 days remaining.



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