Midwest Whitetail Always Delivers

Midwest Whitetail continues to awe me. This latest episode is action packed and filled with two incredible hunts. Not to mention a preview of Bill Winke’s 2nd buck kill of the season. Check out the episode —here–.

The two hunts featured in this episode both provide important context for how to effectively hunt mature bucks.

The first hunt keys in on a few important things:

  • The importance of last season food sources. This doe was in heat, but the focus here was also a food source on this terribly cold day.
  • The primary takeaway from this hunt is to be very careful tracking low liver shots, it may take a deer days too die.
  • Winke believes the waning part of the rut, typically November 20-26th is a great time to kill a mature buck, this hunt takes place in that time frame

The second hunt is an unforgettable hunt for numerous reasons:

  • Countless bucks fighting over a hot doe
  • The hunt takes place on Winke’s favorite day: November 7th
  • The buck shot is a buck that has disappeared from cameras throughout the entire season
  • An all day hunt at the perfect time of year

On top of all this action we receive news that Winke arrowed a buck over a late season food source in the late part of November.


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