The Incredible Thrill of the Hunt

After watching another episode of Midwest Whitetail I was taken back by the sheer excitement Josh Tatum has after he takes down the buck he’s wanted to kill the most all season. The passion many of us have for hunting really comes out when a trophy deer is taken. Many times countless hours of work and preparation take place before a bow hunter places an arrow right in the boilermaker of a mature whitetail. In this case Josh puts his arrow right were he needs to and his reward is not too far from this tree stand. Watch this great episode —here.

The thrill of the hunt is something special. You can’t bottle it up, it’s something that pours over when a hunter finally accomplishes his goal. Sometimes it takes years before a hunter harvests a mature deer he’s been after, other times it comes quicker than expected. Regardless of the duration, the accomplishment is something that holds incredible value. This is one of the primary reasons trophy hunters take to the field season after season, hunt after hunt. It’s both an incredible challenge and a thrilling rush when it all comes together. This is beauty of hunting.

Many of us will never hoist the Stanley Cup or the Lombardi Trophy, but those who pursue trophy whitetails may one day place a mount on the wall that is something special. Something that holds equal value to hunters as those trophies do to professional athletes. Hunting trophy bucks in a honorable and worthy pursuit. It is a God given privilege that many Americans and Canadians have each fall. The rut is the Superbowl of the hunting season and the excitement it brings is immeasurable. Every hunt is unique and each day offers new surprises. Trophy hunters long for the opportunity to be in the woods, especially during this time of year.

You’ll never be able to bottle up the excitement that rushes over you when you finally put a trophy on the ground, but if you’re passion belongs to this sport you’ll be out to look for that rush again the following season. This is hunting trophy bucks. This is our passion. This is what we do time and time again. There is nothing quite like it.

To the Thrill of Each and Every Hunt.


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