Mason Puts Down A Booner

The actual footage of the hunt is short, but the history the Knopp’s have with this buck is cataloged. Watch this Boone and Crockett buck hit the ground —here–. Mason and his brother live in an awesome part of the country and seem to be doing a number of things right. Last year Mason’s brother took a monster buck as well. For the 2nd year in a row their family has put down incredible trophy bucks. Anytime someone puts down a Boone and Crockett buck it’s an impressive feat. It’s more impressive when the weapon used to harvest the trophy is a bow.

This hunt included the use of a decoy and in this case it paid off big time. The decoy not only pulled in R2 but it also pulled in a smaller buck during the hunt as well. This is a perfect example that decoys should be used from time to time, especially during the pre-rut and rut.

Takeaways from this hunt:

  • Hunting mature bucks is incredibly challenging, but in a few rare instances these deer do move during the day
  • Trail camera pictures prove that a certain buck is in the area, but it can still be difficult to pattern a buck with the use of them
  • Decoy hunting can be difference between seeing and killing a mature buck, decoys force the buck to inspect the situation
  • Persistence is often rewarding in this challenging battle of taking trophy bucks
  • There is nothing quite like tagging a Boone and Crockett Buck, they’re something special

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