The Skinny Pinch – 4 Bucks in 4 Years

Having the right stand location is often the difference between filling a tag on a mature buck and walking away empty handed. For Paul Marshall and Scott Reinmann of Midwest Whitetail they have the location game figured out perfectly. They’ve found a pinch point between two bodies of water that is yielding a mature buck every year for the past four years. Some of the bucks taken out of this location are absolute brutes of bucks. Another factor that consistently leads to mature buck harvest’s is waiting to hunt this prime location. This is their first hunt of the year in this location.

Watch— this spot provide a buck yet again.

The single most important factors to harvesting a mature buck are on display in this hunt. What are those factors:

  • Scouting in the off-season to find the right type of funnel to hunt during the pre-rut and rut
  • Hunting a funnel that allows a bow hunter to cover the entire funnel
  • Waiting to hunt the stand until after Halloween
  • Playing the wind

These factors when put into play in the perfect location should lead to success almost every year. Does every hunter have this type of spot? Not likely, but alterations to land can be made to make this more of a possibility. Scout to find these types of locations and alter the terrain when necessary.

I am blown away by the bucks taken out of this exact location over the past 4 years.


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