Belief, Perseverance, and Epic Rewards.

There are many aspects of this story that amaze me. Sometimes life throws us curve balls and at other times the story that unfolds in the real world seems to be written for the big screen. The epic nature of big bucks is what makes each big buck kill so special. For Jim Cogar his constant pursuit of Conan offers a story almost too good to be true. Conan tips the scales past the mythic 200 inch mark. Few bucks have the genetic make-up to ever reach this classification. Nevertheless Jim and his neighbors had the privilege of chasing such an incredible animal.

For Jim this pursuit appeared incredibly difficult from the beginning. Conan only gave Jim a few glimpses of himself during a night-time pictures. Despite the lack of pictures Jim stuck to scouting and continued to strive to find a way to put Conan on the ground. After late-season scouting and getting proof that Conan was still around Jim prepared for a new approach to hunting Conan. Jim’s worst nightmare unfolded when the neighbors had day-time pictures of Conan and found themselves at opportunity at Conan on January 18th. The mythic animal that Conan proved to be allowed him to live another day. A poorly placed shot left Conan with a back wound, but 5 days later on Jan. 23rd he appeared again on Jim’s cameras.

February 3rd, the final day of Ohio bow season, Jim was putting in his time. His final hunt for Conan. The hunt unravels is an incredibly strange fashion, but it nonetheless happens. Jim puts the beast on the ground and the rest is record book history. Read the entire story of Jim’s hunt here.

Important takeaways from Jim’s epic season hunting Conan:

  • Despite being 7 1/2 years old Conan was showing up on cameras 1.5 miles away, this goes against research that older bucks have smaller ranges (obviously the are always exceptions to the rule)
  • Conan appeared to be mainly a nocturnal buck, however he showed himself during daylight in the late-season (hungry deer will eventually move during daylight)
  • Jim’s family manages for mature bucks passing on younger ones, as a family they appear to be harvesting some solid deer
  • As soon as you give up you’ve lost the battle, even the last day of season things can happen
  • Stories of bucks this big and this old are something special

One thought on “Belief, Perseverance, and Epic Rewards.

  1. Christopher,

    I just recently learned of this website after it was forwarded to me by a family member. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you personally. I am very flattered that my story resonated with you, and that you thought enough of it to write about my pursuit of Conan. There are certainly some interesting reads on I bookmarked this website and look forward to reading and sharing more articles in the future. Thanks again and happy holidays to you.


    Jim Cogar
    Powell, Ohio

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