The Best of

This episode is a pure rush. Two pro-staffers for get in done in epic fashion. Franki Clark gets it done first and then Clinton Fawcett connects on a buck himself. Each hunt provides excitement, but Franki’s hunt is something to behold. A rattling session brings a giant main frame 8 pointer in a on a string. The deer works a scrape and the rest is history. Watch this awesome hunt —here–.

These hunts offer a few important lessons on tagging mature whitetails:

  • Rattling can be very effective during the rut
  • Scrapes are often made along food source edges. Scrapes in cover often see more daytime activity, but hunting over any scrape increases the odds of seeing bucks.
  • Find hot does to find bucks during the rut
  • Always be ready to take a shot during the rut, it can happen very fast is filled with hunters that have an incredible passion for the sport. This episode reveals exactly why these guys and all of us have a passion for this awesome sport.


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