Largest Buck Ever Taken on Growing Deer TV

Seth (prostaff member of growing deer TV) has put together a season most hunters would dream of. Early in the bow season Seth and Aaron put together a terrific hunt in which they both harvested mature bucks. In the late season Seth and Aaron put all of their focus toward the pursuit of stickers (a Boone and Crockett Buck). For Southern Missouri Stickers is a monster of a deer. In order to prepare for late season hunting Seth and Aaron planted soybeans during the planting season and placed an electric fence around the border of the field. They removed the fence later in the season offering a fine meal for the local deer herd. The snowfall in Southern Missouri further pushed the deer to the soybean food source. The plot drew numerous bucks and does throughout the late season. Seth continued to be patient waiting for Stickers.  On December 10th Seth’s patience paid off, check out the hunt here.

Hunting mature whitetails is an incredible challenge. Here’s a few reasons Seth success chasing this true giant:

  • Off-season preparation – Seth and Aaron worked hard to get this Soybean plot ready
  • Late-season food source – Seth and Aaron waited until late-season to open this food-plot up for the deer
  • They always played the wind when pursuing this buck
  • Using snow, cold temperatures, wind direction, and food sources they picked the perfect evening to hunt Stickers

The season is quickly winding down for many hunters, but the great stories and videos from the season continue to be released.


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