A Great Late-Season Kill, Along with a Great Rut Hunt

Eric Hansen worked hard to chase this buck with the bow, but this buck did not want to go down that way. Despite the frustration of chasing this deer during the bow season his fortunes changed during the gun season. Around the November 24th time frame Eric came across a photo of his number one buck and decided to move into hunt his sanctuary area. This is an area with standing corn that Eric virtually never enters. What a buck to harvest after a long hard season. Check out this hunt —here–.

A few valuable takeaways from this hunt:

  • Hunting food sources after cold fronts come through is dynamite
  • Leaving sanctuaries is a prime way to harvest mature whitetails
  • Perseverance will typically be required to take down a mature buck

In addition to Eric’s great hunt is another awesome hunt featured on Midwest Whitetail. Garret Holt shows us what hunting on a nasty rainy day can produce. His choice to use a grunt call may have been the difference between seeing and shooting this buck.


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