Late Season Bow Kills are Special

Brian Madison and his crew travel to —Skillet Fork Outfitters— for some late season hunting. From what I could tell the hunting was exceptional. Skillet Fork seems to have reasonable outfitter pricing and is located in the notoriously good Pike County Illinois.

The team saw some great bucks on this outing, but it was Jake who would get it done. He passes on a solid buck and finds himself with a nice 10 point later in the hunt. His reaction after he gets the deer is what it’s all about. He has a pure excitement that every serious buck hunter has. His shot placement is superb and the animal doesn’t go too far at all. Check out the hunt —here–.

Even though this hunt is outfitted there are still a few takeaways:

  • Outfitting is an option many hunters are using these days, pressure is up, and certain areas simply don’t produce the trophy caliber animals hunters are looking for
  • Anyone looking to have their own hunting production is wise to partner with outfitters to add extra buck kill in their hunting season
  • Outfitters work hard to get their clients on deer and this episode is a prime example of that, learn all you can when hunting with an outfitter
  • Hunting the late-season can be very effective when in the right locations, you’ll often see loads of deer

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