Post-Season Efforts for January

The post-season is full of opportunity. This can be a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the previous season or even the struggles of the previous season. Regardless of the outcome of your previous season it’s time to get to work.

  1. Bed, Trail, Rub, and Food Source Scouting: Deer movements are incredibly easy to pattern with a blanket of snow revealing sign of all the late-season deer activity. Follow deer trails to and from food sources and bedding areas to really zero in on the movements of deer. Keep either a mental inventory or mark on a map the sign discovered from these scouting missions. Locating buck tracks, rubs, and buck beds is the most desirable outcome of this sort of scouting. While these patterns will be more consistent during the late-season the following year, it is possible that some of patterns discovered may help with early season and rut hunting. In warmer locations where snow is absent it is possible to find scrapes and deer trails that were made throughout the season. Snow or no snow now is a great time to scout.
  2. Stand Scouting and Preparation:  It’s never too soon to begin considering where you’ll place stands for the upcoming season. After locating a new location consider what type of trimming or path work to the stand can be done this far in advance. Don’t forget to consider any new work that may need to be done to improve stand locations you may use again next season.
  3. If you’re looking for post-season action shed hunts can be a form of post-season hunting activity. Finding sheds it not always easy and can be a good challenge. Locating primary buck bedding areas, buck trails, and buck feeding sources should aid in the process of finding sheds.
  4. Using trail cameras over established food sources can be a great way to get inventories of bucks that have survived the hunting season. If you don’t want to wait until late summer to see the bucks you’ll be hunting next season, now is the time to run cameras to get an inventory of bucks before they lose their racks.
  5. In states that allow providing post-season nutrition and supplement can greatly enhance the health of your local deer herd. Any type of food or supplement that is added to the whitetails diet can be helpful. Nutrition can play great dividends when seeking to harvest mature bucks with trophy racks.

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