Many Methods to Harvesting Big Bucks aires a great — episode — showing the numerous methods to take mature bucks. Harvesting a mature buck is never easy, but there sure are a number of ways to harvest these animals. One proven method is with the use of decoy’s. Another unorthodox method is the backyard stalk. Rarely will a hunter have a chance to do this, but if the opportunity presents itself it may lead to a mature buck down. The late season food plot is probably the most effective method of these three to take a mature buck. In the late season mature bucks have to eat and if the food source is not over pressured good things should result. Clinton Fawcett shows us how big of a buck you may have an opportunity at. Unfortunately the buck does not give Clinton the right shot so he elects to pass. Regardless that is a phenomenal encounter for Clinton.

For those still able to hunt opportunities may be plentiful over food sources. This has been a cold hard winter for the deer. As seen in Clinton’s hunt it may be possible to see upwards of 10 bucks. Depending on location. Keep hunting those food sources during your late season hunts.

Good luck to all who still have another chance to get out an hunt.


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