Taking a Record Book Buck Takes Perseverance and Risks

Saskatchewan is Canada’s version of Iowa, Illinois or Kansas. It is the Whitetail destination of choice in Canada. The amount of quality whitetails in Canada is something special and Doug Broich’s choice to hold out for a special buck was a wise choice. Read the full story of —Doug’s Saskatchewan Non-Typical Whitetail Record Buck. Doug made a choice earlier in the season to pass on a fine buck that he had rattled in. This is often considered a risk, but Doug has his eyes set on the real prize that still was out there.

For Doug a number of important variables lead to his harvesting of this 243″ monster:

  • Early season stand set-up and establishing feeding areas on his property
  • Running trail cameras to determine to quality of deer around
  • Taking a risk and attempting a stalk on a mature buck
  • Rattling in a few of the biggest deer in his area, including the buck he eventually harvested
  • Being ready to reload quickly during the moment of truth

Not everything played out perfectly for Doug, but in the end he did what he needed to get the job done. Hat’s off to him for killing a buck that is absolutely incredible.



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