Post-Season Efforts for February

The post season is well underway. We’re now stepping further into February and there are numerous tasks to complete during this cold month. Some of the tasks completed during this stage of the season will be the difference between understanding a mature bucks location and rarely seeing that buck at all.

  1. Bed, Trail, Rub, and Food Source Scouting: Thorough scouting of our main property has revealed numerous bedding areas and some bedding areas that where much larger than I could have imagined. A few of the bedding areas have been quite surprising. A number of the scouting attempts have produced some considerably large rubs. One was right where we’d expect it to be.2014-01-04 09.48.332014-02-08 10.54.31
  2. Stand Scouting and Preparation:  We’ve been considering a few new stand locations for the upcoming season and one of those locations is right near if not directly in that incredible bedding area I’ve recently located.
  3. Shed Hunting: At this point the amount of snow on the ground has made it difficult to locate sheds in our area, but we have found the shed of one spike. Once the snow melts it will be much easier to locate sheds. We’ll be looking around food sources and in these numerous bedding areas we’ve located.
  4. Trail Camera Surveys: Around the middle of January the majority if not all of our bucks shed their racks. Between my neighbor and myself we’ managed to get a decent inventory of bucks that have survived the season. It will be interesting to see the size of these bucks in the late summer as velvet takes off growing. Post-season surveys have also provided a good idea on the size of our doe herd. In the next couple of weeks I’ll pull the majority of my cameras and store them until late summer when the velvet beings to show itself in substantial ways.
  5. Nutrition: I’ll reiterate the importance of this point that I made in my January post-season article: In states that allow providing post-season nutrition and supplement can greatly enhance the health of your local deer herd. Any type of food or supplement that is added to the whitetails diet can be helpful. Nutrition can play great dividends when seeking to harvest mature bucks with trophy racks.
  6. Predator Control: Harvesting coyotes can be a fun and important part of the post-season. So far we’ve yet to harvest any of these animals, but the tough winter has made it difficult to even come by many tracks.

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