Extreme Management Can Pay Dividends

The QDMA promotes numerous types of management techniques for the improvement of a whitetail herd. For Steve Elmy those management techniques are part of whitetail hunting. A responsible land manger considers all things important to a whitetail habitat and attempts to enhance the habit to improve the land for the deer. These improvements can be: food plots, timber stand improvement, hinge cutting, water holes and ponds, planting trees, and many other property enhancements. Management is not limited to the property itself, it also factors in the management of the deer herd itself. Managing for the harvest of mature bucks and attempting to maintain an appropriate doe numbers is a principle goal of deer management. The combination of deer management and land management exemplifies the priorities of someone the engages in serious QDM.

Steve Elmy took QDM to heart and has begun to reap the rewards of his efforts, read about his story here. Taking the time to improve the whitetail habitat can eventually lead to increased harvest numbers. The longer these strategies are practiced it may be possible to even dramatically increase harvest numbers. The hunter that is willing to put in the time will often reap the rewards of their work.



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