Minerals: A Must

Minerals should be out for deer year round if not shortly after the hunting season and certainly on the ground by early Spring. If you’re behind or looking for cheaper options there are numerous mineral possibilities. Before getting into the cheaper options lets consider one of the best products on the market, the Trophy Rock. Trophy Rock has delivered quality nutrients to deer for years and these rocks can be found throughout the whitetails habitat thanks to the countless hunters that purchase trophy rocks for the nutritional needs of their herd. Some claim that the nutrients found in these rocks don’t really help deer, but that seems to be far from the truth. First and foremost these companies would not be in business if their product didn’t help deer. Secondly, deer would not spend so much time visiting trophy rock mineral sites if the minerals weren’t of use to them. Regardless of what you believe about minerals it is proven that this product and others will get deer in front of a camera for you. The bucks are early in their antler growth at this point in time, but their racks will continue to grow at an exponential rate from now until September. If you have any desire of getting an inventory of bucks in your area consider using Trophy Rock minerals or another popular brand of mineral. Now for those of you looking for a bargain Realtree Outdoors has developed a more affordable solution. Mixing your own minerals can be a great way to save a few dollars.

Don’t waste any more time. Get your minerals out there.



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