Adam Hays: The 200 Inch Club

Adam Hays is one of those hunters that defies what most hunters would consider exceptional. By capitalizing on three 200 inch whitetails he has done what nearly every other hunter will never do. Putting yourself in this type of club is nearly impossible. How did he do it? For most of us we probably will never completely grasp what he has done to accomplish this feat. Realtree sat down with Adam to pick his brain on how he accomplished this task: read the details here.

Hunting is not just putting yourself in a tree stand, hunting is much more than that. Adam makes it very clear that scouting is a key part to locating whitetails that top 200 inches. The scouting starts in the off-season looking for shed antlers. Patterning the large bucks with a spotting scope and from observation stands Hays learns the little details he needs to put everything together. As the season nears Adam prefers a certain time frame in late October to harvest these animals. The moon charts play a serious role in the days selected to hunt these giant bucks in late October. Sometimes calling techniques lure the bucks in and in other occasions it’s about being in the right place at the right time.

Why late October? Many hunters, not just Hays prefer to take mature bucks before the rut kicks in. After the rut kicks in the action of these animals can be highly unpredictable. Harvesting a buck before the rut takes off allows a hunter to have some sort of predictable pattern to follow with regard to buck movement.

Realtree produced another great article on Boone and Crockett bucks a while back. Check this article out for a few more tactics on how to take down giant whitetails.


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