Early Season Success – It’s About the Food.

The whitetail season has kicked off with a bang as always, some guys like myself are still waiting to get going while others are putting down some fine bucks. The early part of the season continues to be about food and that will often result in success if you’re sure to factor food into your stand choices.

Bowhunting.com started their show off quite well as John Herrmann arrowed a fine Wisconsin whitetail. John was well aware of the food source the deer preferred to feed in and he also made note of some oaks that the deer where feeding on in the area. Oaks are a dynamite food source in the early season.

Most notably Mark Drury put down a fine buck on Missouri’s opening day. Mark is one of the best at getting it done early in the season.


How to hunt over food sources effectively:

  • Keep tabs on those food sources (acorns, fruit trees, alfalfa, corn, ect) to locate a buck, use spotting scopes or cameras to do this, reading sign can also work
  • Play the wind when hunting food sources, whitetails’ are cautious when feeding
  • If you have a mobile stand set-up, place your stand just before you hunt the food source, otherwise hopefully you’ve put your stand in place and have it ready to go, if you desire to hang a stand before the hunt hang the stand around mid-day preferably when it’s raining to minimize scent
  • Move in on a cold evening, it may get that big buck you’re after feeding in daylight, hotter weather may force you to consider hunting a water hole
  • If you’re not hunting on the food, consider hunting in the morning between the food and beds to catch deer on the return, it sure worked for John Hermann of Bowhunting.com
  • You likely won’t get many great opportunities on a food source to capitalize, so do your best to make the first hunt count

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