The Art of the Early Season Harvest

Taking a buck in the early season is never easy, but with planning it can be executed rather effectively. The trick is to find a deer that shows some sort of pattern and to capitalize on that movement. If this can be done there may be success to be had, otherwise the early season may be just a waiting game for you. This weekend’s cold front produced some great hunting for many hunters. Deer activity was great, even the mature bucks where on their feet in daylight.

M2E28L88-88R391B305Success stories often litter the internet on a daily basis, here are a few shows that highlight some great successful early season hunts: Bill Winke’s son Drew takes down a mature buck that Winke had all but patterned with good daylight photos. Seth Harker of Growing Deer TV puts down an incredible opening day buck in a food plot. Some of the Drury’s have also put down some nice bucks to start the season as well. Mark and Taylor both harvested mature 8 point bucks very early in the season. Check out the Drury Journal for more details.

A good number of the hunts focused on food to get the job done. Don’t neglect food in the early season, it will often pay dividends. Beyond that aim to target deer that are showing daylight movement patterns. If you stick to these two guidelines your odds for success should improve.

Keep after it in the early season but play the odds and don’t burn out your best spots.


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