Epic Bowhunting.com Hunt

Tyler Rector quickly proved to us that the first cold front of the year can deliver much more then just a good hunt, it can deliver a hunt that many hunters only dream of. Tyler nearly get’s settled into his stand and the action begins. Machete (one of his target bucks) shows up rather quickly and works a number of the Tink’s mock scrapes in the area and proceeds to feed in the Heartland Wildlife food plot. The footage is incredible, the shot placement is surgical, and the total number of bucks seen by Tyler is absurd. Tyler explains that he nearly saw all of the bucks he’s had on camera in one hunt. This is the type of hunt that really gets a hunter excited to head out and hope for the absolute best each and every time he enters the woods. Obviously we all know that typically isn’t the case, but this night for Tyler is one of those night’s he’ll never forget. After Tyler shoots the buck check out the footage of Rockstar…that is a fine deer.

View the hunt here at bowhunting.com.

There are a few takeaways from this hunt:

  • Early season cold fronts are perfect recipes for success on mature bucks
  • Tink’s mock scrapes or any mock scrapes for that matter can produce success if done correctly
  • Food sources are dynamite during cold temperatures in the early season

Hopefully you’re able to find a way to beat the October lull and put a buck on the ground in the coming days. I noticed that the full moon on October 8th produced some good buck movement for a day or two. Numerous buddies of mine had successful mature buck sightings during that period. Below are a few nice bucks that surface or were taken during that time frame. Keep an eye on moon cycles, weather patterns, and barometric pressure as you plan your upcoming hunts.


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