Magazine Guide

Most serious hunters agree that there is no offseason. When you’re not hunting it’s time to learn, and it’s time to get ready. I make every effort to do at least something everyday to either learn or prepare for the upcoming season. Certain days that doesn’t happen, but 9 times out of 10 it does.

Here’s the magazine’s I’ve come to appreciate and learn from when I’m looking to gather more details about whitetails.

  • Field and Stream: If you’re looking for unique ideas and approaches on how to tag a mature buck this magazine will deliver that. Certain parts of year this magazine shifts it’s focus to other topics, but when it’s time to cover whitetails you can count on great information.
  • Whitetail Journal: This magazine cover’s everything whitetails – food plots, hunting strategies, calling in deer, habitat management…you name it, they cover it.
  • Peterson’s Bowhunting: Experts write articles to fine tune your hunting skills in this magazine. Grant Woods and Bill Winke are regular contributors along with the Peterson’s staff. Monthly excerpts will provide you with an edge coming into your next season.
  • North American Whitetail: For monster buck stories, deer biology information from Dr. James Kroll, and more turn to this magazine. I always enjoy the contents of NAW.
  • Quality Whitetails: You can’t go wrong here. All QDMA members receive Quality Whitetails. This magazine provides all things whitetail. If you’re a habitat manager this is a magazine you need to get your hands on.

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