Getting it Done

Sometimes in hunting it seems that we do everything but get the job done. Certainly professionals often have the edge over the average guy with property size, different states to hunt, and more days to hunt. Nevertheless there is something to be said about getting the job done whether you call yourself a professional in the hunting industry or if you are one of the many serious whitetail hunters spread out across the US.

This year I’ve taken special note of the fantastic job Drury Outdoors has done at putting monster bucks to the ground. Take a look for yourself at what the Drury Outdoors team has accomplished thus far. Here are just a few of the noteworthy bucks harvested: Mark Drury – 9/20 – 166 4/8″, Eric Bothun – 9/20 – 187 1/8″, Jim Thome – 10/1 – 196 1/8″, John O’Dell – 10/5 – 201 7/8″, and Rod Owen – 10/9 – 208 5/8″. The fact that the team already has 5 bucks at the B & C minimum of 170″ is incredible (obviously Drury’s buck falls just under that by a few inches). Probably even wilder is that the bucks simply keep getting bigger in size. It will be truly remarkable if anyone can top Rod Owen’s 208 5/8″.

Key things to note from all of these incredible buck harvests. First FOOD. Every buck besides John O’Dells was shot over some sort of great early season food source. John’s was taken over a water hole in an area of Texas that was probably quite dry. This emphasizes completely the necessity of keying in on a deer’s need to feed and drink during the early part of the whitetail season. Second COLD FRONTS. Simply a change in wind direction or a front coming in to drop the temperatures can be the difference between seeing bucks on their feet during daylight and not seeing them at all. Third TRAIL CAMERAS, Drury Outdoors is great at using Reconyx intel to intel about bucks. Using the data from the cameras a number of these bucks were at a disadvantage and the hunter capitalized.

A topic not mentioned in any of these short videos is moon phase. Mark Drury and Eric Bothun’s buck were both shot on the day before the red moon. The moon phase on the 20th called for good evening movement. It also lines up with Mark Drury’s theory of the 7 days before a full moon often present better evening hunting mentioned here on a Wired to Hunt podcast. Jim Thome’s 10/1 kill also fell under a day where the moon phase called for good evening movement. The two other evening kills do not correlate with good evening movement based on moon data.

Drury Outdoor’s weren’t the only professionals getting it done as numerous teams have capitalized in the early season. Bottom line its simply been a great start to the 2015 season for a lot of individuals.

A number of people I know personally were able to successfully capitalize on the early October cold front. In fact on October 1st two of my buddies took opening evening whitetail bucks and then another harvested a buck on the 2nd. Both of these days the moon phase called for good evening movement and the cold front that moved in only accented that to create some ideal hunting conditions.

Keep moon phase, weather cold fronts, and trail cameras in your back pocket for early season success on mature whitetails. In fact, pay close attention to the weather today through Sunday throughout most of the midwest. Moon phase is once again calling for good evening movement and we have some nice cold weather impacting the majority of midwest states. Hopefully you’re able to harvest a great buck yourself this weekend.


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