2016 Season Recap

The 2016 whitetail season was memorable on a number of fronts. One of my biggest takeaways was the importance of the first sit and the importance of a sanctuary for bucks and does. The properties I hunt that have additional hunting pressure are typically not as good as the properties where I keep the pressure low. Deer quickly react to that human hunting pressure and adjust their movements.

As a family we harvested 3 bucks and a number of does. Each of the hunts was memorable and enjoyable. I was able to pass a few bucks as well. Hopefully the 2017 is memorable in similar ways, but hopefully one of us is able to take down a mature buck during the 2017 season. It was remarkable to see how the spots with little to no pressure produced absolutely incredible hunts.

Unfortunately I’ve realized the value of keeping my harvests confidential as well as the spots I hunt. The competition for spots is fierce these days so I’ve just turned to the perspective that the less others know the better. This means I will no longer be posting harvest photos on this website, but I’ll certainly keep other informed on some of the tactics and strategies I’m learning and implementing that are greatly impacting the success we’re having while hunting.

I’ll reiterate the importance of having sanctuaries on the hunting properties you have complete control over. There is perhaps no greater tool in a hunters arsenal then having areas where deer feel safe and don’t get bothered. This can be true in the great state of Iowa or in the hard hunted states like PA, MI, WI, and NY. Regardless of where you call home a sanctuary will attract deer to that specific area if it has some food and adequate cover. Don’t overlook this strategy.




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