Hunting Strategies

Hunting strategies cover the many different tactics to use throughout the season. Each part of the season offers new opportunities. Many consider the primary rut as the best time to take a trophy whitetail, but this depends on the location you hunt and the hunting pressure your area receives. More likely than not the pre-rut is the best opportunity to tag a trophy buck. Understanding the various phases of the hunting season is likely to provide any hunter with additional opportunities at trophy deer.

Regardless of the time of year there is always the possibility of taking a mature whitetail. The key is to put your time in the woods, but keep in mind that your first hunt in a particular stand or area will provide you with the best opportunity at a large buck. Mature deer key in on human activity and scent rather quickly. Understanding this and taking many precautionary measures to hide yourself and remove the trace of human scent is a wise approach. A rule of thumb is hunt often if you have numerous places to hunt rotating the places you sit, but dial back on hunting a particular area if you are limited to hunting one small area with just a few stands. Overhunting an area will often push the deer out of that area, especially mature deer.

The more you learn about hunting bucks the more likely you are to fill your tag on one of these mature creatures.



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