Product Guides

The number of products available is endless. The important question is which products work? Personal experience and testimony from others is often the way to discover which products are effective. The internet also offers many reviews on products of every kind. Be sure to do the work to find out which products are the best. This will offer the best return for the dollars spent. I have no sponsors and use all of these products because I believe in them and I found them to work very effectively. If any product doesn’t preform well in the field it’s not likely to be feature in my reviews (if it is I’ll be sure to note I’m unhappy with the product) or seen in the list below. Obviously everyone has a preference, but in the end every one of us has to make purchase decisions. My goal is to help you select products that are reliable and effective.

Many of the recommended products are sold in many local farm stores, Dicks Sporting Goods, Dunams, Cabelas, and more. Amazon is often the right option if you’re looking to get the best price.

Frequently Used Products:


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