Feed & Feeders

Feeding deer has always been an unintentional practice for farmers. Today, things have changed drastically. The majority of hunters create some type of food plot for deer or place bait out. The purpose of the feed can be to increase the health of the local deer herd or to draw deer in for additional shot opportunities. This depends on the preference and style each hunter prefers to use.

To take mature bucks over food sources consider concealed food plots or large bean plots. Bait sites are often more effective for enhancing the health of the local deer heard and harvesting does. Bait sites are also most effective in concealed locations. These feed sources can also be effective for collecting an inventory of deer via trail camera.

Food can be cheap if purchased at the right location. Try to avoid wasting too much money on feed products. Search for the value. Local farm supply and feed stores often offer the best value.

General Feed Recommendations

  • Whole Corn by a feeder, can be an effective way to feed corn to deer (sold at farm supply stores and hunting stores)
  • Apples can be exceptional feed early in the season (find apple trees for free apples)
  • Sugar Beets are a great option for later in the season (these can be difficult to find)
  • Corn-Lix Deer Block is an exceptional feeding option that lasts nearly a month ($10 per block)
  • BB2 by Big&J granular attractant is an exceptional new feed, considered a long range deer attractant ($10-30 price range depending on size)

Electronic Deer Feeders Recommendations

  • Moultrie TriPod Feeders are exceptional feeders, some these feeders come with a protective gate that keeps wild game out of the feeder (prices vary depending on size and model)
  • Boss Buck Feeders are without a doubt the top model of feeders on the market, and their price tag shows it. Consider these feeders if you are attempting to establish serious feed sites for year to come (prices vary depending on size and model) 

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