Scent Reduction

Scent reduction is nearly as important as playing the wind when hunting. Every time humans enter the woods they leave traces of their presence. Extensive testing has not been done on these products, but anything that helps in this area is better than nothing. Almost every time trail cameras are checked, and certainly every hunt should include  some sort scent reduction products to reduce the amount of human odor in the area. Deer are controlled by their nose. It’s often their first warning sign to avoid a certain area. From January through March I try not to worry too much about scent so that I don’t have to be so obsessive about it year round. It is a constant battle to remain scent free.


After one year of using Ozonics I’m utterly impressed with Ozonics. This product is well marketed and comes with a high price tag. A buddy in IL recommended it to me and I finally decided to go with it. I’ve had numerous mature does downwind and very few have them have been able to realize I was there with use of their noses. It’s been a very helpful product.

At this point I’d recommend it over any other scent elimination product on the market, but it comes with the high price tag that would scare many away. It’s been far more helpful then Dead Down Wind, but I will still continue to use dead down wind in conjunction with Ozonics.

Dead Down Wind Products

Dead Down Wind scent control company

This company has the complete arsenal of scent control products. From their clothing and boot spray, to their dryer sheets, tooth paste, mouth spray, and even scent free lip balm. This company covers all their bases. Which is wise approach when attempting to contain human scent in the woods. This company was strongly recommended by a pair of hunters that have taken numerous trophies. Upon their recommendation, the switch was made to completely using Dead Down Wind products. Their expansive product line is impressive. Use the best discretion possible when purchasing the products that are within your budget.

From what I can tell no other scent control company can match the total number of different scent control products that dead down wind provides.



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