It’s Been A Busy Off-Season

With the deer season quickly approaching it makes sense to dive into the work done thus far to prepare for it. Off-season preparations began as soon as the 2015 season ended so it’s been a long process, but we’ve accomplished many things along the way.

Here’s a list of the many projects tackled:

  • Post-season scouting
  • Post-season inventory
  • Mineral Station work
  • Spring Food Plots Put In
  • Summer Scouting Began Early and Continues to This Day
  • Trail Cam Inventory
  • New Food Plot Prep
  • Old Stand’s Worked On and New Stands Put In
  • Fall Food Plot Plantings
  • Purchased New Hunting Gear and Prepared the Old
  • Shooting My Bow

Here’s some of the thing’s still left to be done:

  • Hang Simple Tree Stand Spots in Low Impact Locations (these shouldn’t bother deer to much putting them in)
  • Finish Prepping Hunting Gear
  • Continuing Shooting the Bow and Adding Challenges to It
  • Fertilize Plots One Last Time to Increase Desirability and Growth
  • Check Camera’s Once with a Rain Right Before Season
  • Find New Properties

New Insight Taken Away from this Past Off-Season:

  • Scouting is a long process that can teach you many things about your local deer herd
  • Obtaining New Properties is so helpful to your chances at mature deer
  • Sanctuaries are more critical then ever and must be respected
    • After hanging two of our stands I stopped getting pictures of a mature buck on a particular trail in that area (those mature deer are very wise)
  • Food plots are tricky at time, but continue to do all of the right steps and try new seeds if necessary, sometimes even retilling if the plot does not do well might be necessary
  • Checking trail camera’s in the rain is the only way I’ll do it going forward, the scent getting washed away is quite helpful. Also waiting a month between check’s is another essential for me. This minimize’s the disturbances.
  • Killing mature bucks is all about precision, if you get sloppy and don’t pay attention to all the details your chances of pulling it off are greatly decreased

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