Hunt Hard Now…It’s That Time

Midwest Whitetail has quickly become a favorite destination to learn and discover what is happening in the whitetail woods throughout the hunting season. The daily episodes Midwest Whitetail offers is something I have not found anywhere else on the web.

In today’s episode Bill Winke stresses twice that this is the best week to hunt for mature whitetails. Winke believes that November 3rd. through November 10th is the best week period throughout the season. In looking through my records, this week last year was the one week during the bow season that I saw a pope and young caliber buck. Halloween through the middle of November is the best time to take down trophy deer. Watch —this week’s episode— of Midwest Whitetails Main Show for some good pre-rut action.

Important Things to Take Away for This Week:

  • Hunt Hard big bucks will be on their feet
  • Try to put in as much time on stand as possible, big bucks will move during all hours of the day these next 10 days
  • Focus on doe movements to find bucks this time of year, scrapes can still be productive also

Good luck out there. Now’s the time.






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